Yes, over 40,000 units have been successfully installed since 2013.

Yes, the unit was patented in 2017. The patent extends to North America and Central America.

Yes, but it may not be cost effective as residential air conditioners are too small.

Anywhere from 10 – 40 ton unit

Install one additional Refrigeration Agitation Device for each 10 ton unit.

The Refrigeration Agitation Device pays for itself in 2-3 years.

Yes, 15% or complete removal and full refund.

Customers are averaging 25% reduction.

The range of efficiency is based on the design parameters of the unit as well as it’s age. Also, the more efficient your unit is running, the more savings you will realize.
Yes, we offer several lease purchase options.

Yes, we offer a full three year parts and labor warranty.

If you choose to have your team install the RAD, our team will be glad to lend any support.

It takes several hours with normal tools.

The Refrigeration Agitation Device works with R-22, R-404A, R-410, R-407 and  R-32. If you don’t see your refrigerant, please inquire of us.
The Refrigeration Agitation Device is universal and works with almost any unit.

Yes, we offer additional savings based upon sales volume.

The Refrigerant is composed of fluorine and hydrogen bonded with the carbon nucleus and it circulates in the air conditioner system sealed at a speed of 3m to 6m per second. When compression, condensation, expansion and cooling are repeated, fluorine and hydrogen may be separated from carbon, which deteriorate the capability originally possessed by the refrigerant. The RAD is a device that uses the circulation speed of its refrigerant to normalize it disturbed refrigerant molecules by further rotating at high speed in its internal structure.

Developers repeated various studies in the field of applied molecular physics, studied composition changes of refrigerant molecules, and invented its activation method utilizing a liquefaction reactor pipe.

The Refrigeration Agitation Device is most effective on large air conditioners with longer working days, longer operating time with a high indoor load.
Depending on the operation condition of the air conditioner, it usually takes effect 3-7 days after installing the RAD for it to reach peak efficiency.

If it does not achieve the previously agreed reduction, we will remove it at our expense.

In that a warranty is usually 1 year, most warranties are not in effect when the RAD is installed.

The main body has a protective coating.